Daniel Maciá

Hi everyone! I'm Daniel Maciá Amador, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Santa Pola, Spain. In 2021 we will have our first opportunity to make a full season in single seaters, making our debut in the F4 Spanish championship with Formula de Campeones, Circuit Ricardo Tormo's Team. Obviously they gave me that chance because I won the selection testing done by the team to select the drivers for their 2021 season. We have done already some collective testing days thinking already about prepare as good as possible our debut in April.

I come from Karting and obviously is very different and tougher, you have to be 100% focused and prepared, phisically, every time you hit the track. It's a great opportunity for us and we really appreciate all the effort done by Formula de Campeones, CETDM and Circuit Ricardo Tormo. We hope to bring them great results during the season!“ ~ Daniel Maciá

Dani showed promising pace during his karting career in Spain. He was a top contender in almost every category he competed in. Back in March this year, he already won the Formula de Campeones selection process for the 2020 season. But he decided to focus on his karting commitments for one more year. Last December he won the shootout at Circuit Ricardo Tormo for the second time in a row! He’ll make his F4 Spain debut next season.


2020 - Spanish Championship - KZ - Vice Champion

2019 - Spanish Championship - KZ2 - Vice Champion

2018 - Spanish Series Rotax - Max - Champion

2017 - Champions Cup - Senior - Champion

2016 - Champions Cup - Junior - Champion

2016 - Spanish Championship - Junior - Vice Champion

2014 - Champions Cup - Cadet - P3

2014 - Spanish Championship - Cadet - Vice Champion

2013 - Champions Cup - Cadet - P3

2013 - Spanish Championship - Cadet - P3

2012 - Champions Cup - Alevin (Mini) - Vice Champion