Jason Alder

„Hi everyone! My name is Jason Alder, I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, and I am competing in the 2021 Formula 4 United States Championship with Velocity Racing Development. I am 17 years old, which is quite old for someone beginning their formula career.


My original goal in racing was always NASCAR, so I never even thought of F1. I started driving when I was 6, racing 4 stroke gokarts in the WKA Gold Cup series. I did that for 6 years, winning two nationals championships and 9 local/regional/track championships.


My next step on the road to NASCAR was a bandolero, which I competed for two years, winning two State championships and 1 track championship, before moving into Legend Cars. I raced legends for 3 years, winning the 2019 INEX Asphalt Oval Semi-Pro World Championship against over 350 other drivers worldwide. On top of that I won 3 national championships, two state championships, and one track championship.


At this point, the next step for me was a full bodied stock car, called a late model. However, a lot of things happened, and in the end I had a career shift, and decided to change my goals to pursue a career in Formula 1, rather than NASCAR. 2021 will be my first time competing in anything on the formula side of motorsports, so I’m incredibly excited to see how I stand against drivers who have been doing this for years.


I’d love to thank my mother and father for always supporting me in my decisions and dreams, and helping me to get to this point. The goal, simple: A 2021 F4 Championship!“ ~ Jason Alder